Riverbreak is the top online journal for river surfing. Here you’ll find news, opinions, gear evaluations, photos, films, and artwork from the world’s most fascinating contemporary river surf characters.

What exactly are we?

Riverbreak is the only magazine on the planet dedicated solely to river surfing. It’s a site for river surfers to enhance their efficiency, discuss and share their stories, and promote the river surfing culture.

Our mission?

We want to create a welcoming environment for all river surfers. From the most amazing riders to the newest surfboards to the coldest mountain surf areas, you’ll discover everything. Don’t be intimidated — everyone has a spot here. We keep our readers up to date on the latest news from rivers all over the planet.

What exactly do we do?

We’re looking for tales, activities, and people who help to create an image of today’s current river surf scene. With the help of our community of organizers, surfers, and organizations, we attempt to present our readers with entertaining and informative experiences from all aspects of the sport.

Who are we?

Riverbreak is run by a developing group of individuals who are united by their passion for the sport. We’re progressively getting off our backsides and stepping into the spotlight, just like the river surf group.