Where To Enjoy The Best Surfing In Canada

While it’s possible to simply travel to the cheap vacation spots outside Canada for fun, you can also catch some waves instead!
When one thinks of surfing, Canada might not be the first destination that comes to mind. But Canada boasts a stunning coastline with some excellent surf spots for enthusiasts and beginners alike. Besides, the Canadian Surf Association organizes several thrilling surfing events.
From the rugged beauty of the Pacific coast to the …

Novice River Surfers Guide

What Equipment Will you Need?
As a beginner, here are the most important gear tips for making the best decisions when purchasing your first river surfing equipment.
Surfboard on the River
Your board is crucial. Without it, you won’t be able to surf. A few factors can influence the length of your board. To begin with, you’ll need a board with enough volume to support your body mass. Second, what kind of waves would you be riding? You’ll want to ensure the board you buy fits the wave you’re riding.
Wear a helmet since you never know what might happen. Read out the River …

Surfing Causes Hearing Loss

Surfing in cold water without protection will almost certainly render you deaf. When your ear canal is subjected to cold water, the bone in your ear canal grows and shuts. Without surgery, the growth is permanent and will not improve. Surfer’s Ear is the name given to this type of bone development.
Exostoses are uneven bony growths within your ear canal caused by cold water. As the ear canal shuts, you’ll start to notice the following signs and symptoms:

You have liquid in your ears.
Debris has become lodged in your ears.
Ear infections occur more frequently.
More dangerous ear …

How to Make Your Personal River Surfboard

Greenlight Surf Supply’s unique board assembly kit allows you to create your ding-resistant river surfboard. Relying on a sturdy Engineered EPS blank and a revolutionary new Innegra woven fiberglass, the team from Greenlight has developed this construction kit designed just for river surfers.
What is the purpose of Greenlight Surf Supply?
Greenlight Surfboards was formed in 2005. They wanted to help with educating and supporting surfers who wanted to make their boards. Their unrivaled skills in design and production equipped with enough knowledge in the surfing industry make this one of the best boards out there….