Greenlight Surf Supply’s unique board assembly kit allows you to create your ding-resistant river surfboard. Relying on a sturdy Engineered EPS blank and a revolutionary new Innegra woven fiberglass, the team from Greenlight has developed this construction kit designed just for river surfers.

What is the purpose of Greenlight Surf Supply?

Greenlight Surfboards was formed in 2005. They wanted to help with educating and supporting surfers who wanted to make their boards. Their unrivaled skills in design and production equipped with enough knowledge in the surfing industry make this one of the best boards out there.

Why should someone acquire a surfboard construction kit rather than getting a regular surfboard in the first place?

Aside from the fact that a building kit costs less than a board off the shelf, you can’t replace something you made by hand. The sense of satisfaction and success that comes with creating your boards is the number one reason why people still do this. There’s no feeling that can compare to when you made your surfboard by hand.

How long would it take to design a board using your construction kits?

In less than 4 hours, you can form a board. The fiberglassing procedure goes 4 days total, including resin curing durations. Therefore, when you labor on it for an hour a day, you can create a new board in a week.

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