The Gathering Following the Summit

The Summit administrators reviewed and closed it up when the last speaker departed the platform. There was a bolt to the door and the car park since Ryan’s tablet was connected back into the original screen. Then it displayed excellent surf breaking at the Bend Wave. That positive attitude of a surfer paid off!

On the huge screen at the front of the space, real-time video from the Wave webcam eventually revealed to us that those who bolted were pulling good surf

The ambiance was complete when music was playing through the Riverbend Rooms. They have one of the best audio systems as well as incredibly flavorful and diverse small pizzas.

A group of local Bend surfers and friends who had been allowed to visit the out-of-town and out-of-country visitors strolled into the hallway.

This is a close-knit group that feels more like home. Those who had gone surfing earlier returned beaming, wet, and incredibly hungry just as more Bend brewery beverages arrived at the door.

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