We believe it is our responsibility to convey knowledge about river surfing dangers and security as the sport grows popular. To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the most important things you should know.

Keeping Your Surfboard from Trapping You

Whenever you fall off your surfboard and are unable to get back on it for any circumstance, always swim behind your surfboard. Swimming in front of your surfboard increases your chances of becoming caught between your surfboard and a river boulder.

1. Dealing with Dangerous Things in the River

The most prevalent natural objects encountered by river surfers are rocks. Stepped weirs, concrete slope weirs, weir pools, low-head dams, compound weirs, and other types of dams and weirs are examples of man-made items that could also be dangerous to river surfers.

2.  Wear Protective Equipment

There is currently no river surfing protective gear on the marketplace. However, river surfers can acquire safety equipment from other sports that confront similar risks in the river. River surfers can pick from a variety of gadgets to enable river surfing security, depending on the locations, circumstances, and personal preferences: wetsuits, helmets, throw bags, PFDs, knives, and whistles.

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