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Film Blogs
Film makers talking about their entries for the River Surfing Film Festival.
Blogs are added here manually. If you post a blog about your film then send me an email at negs(at)riversurfing.ca and I will add a link here.

ELK LOVE THE INSIDE SCOOP by DBfilms for the films ELK LOVE and HOME.



Some details on film requirements and other stuff.

Crew's Choice
Category removed because we didn't get enough responses from the crews.

Film Requirements
1. Films must be posted on RiverSurfing.ca.
2. To win any prize the film must be sponsor free. Crew logos, personal film maker logos and incidental shots of gear logos are okay.
3. We may disqualify any film with overt sponsorship or for any other reason but we will provide a solid reason.
4. Films can be in any language.
5. A film can only win in one category. If it is top in two or more categories then the film wins the top category and the second place film wins the next category.

The prizes were selected because we have had good experiences with them.
The wetsuit was chosen because that company was the only one to respond when we asked for gear donations to help support the ARSA community. They gave us suits which we lend/rent out allowing people to surf.
The board was chosen because we have connections with the manufacturer and we have had good rides on their designs.
The waterproof video camera was chosen because we have used it for the past year and it works great.

Good Luck!

BEST RIVER SURFING FILM (Click the tabs for more categories)

Best film is selected by panel of judges based on stoke, story, emotion, cohesion, polish and over-all film quality. Each judge chooses a film to champion and makes their case to the rest. The write-ups are posted on RiverSurfing.ca. Judges choose their favourite film from those chosen by the other judges (not one of their own).
The film chosen by the most judges is the Best River Surfing Film.
In case of a tie, judges choose from the tied films.

Judges & Film Choices:

Elijah Mack the "God Father of River Surfing" from Portland, Oregon, USA. The man who brought us all together and who has been pushing the limits of River Surfing and encouraging communities to grow and connect for years.


The main three locales for river surfing are:
The FUS Crew with surfers pushing the limits of performance in the urban jungle of Munich.
The Exploding scene in Montreal being pushed by JL and the goon posse.
And Alberta, Canada. No shit aaay? No shit!

EddyTown is a video by Jake from ARSA about a day of river surfing in Alberta. First off, I love the music! Then we are exposed to a group of river surfers and their road crew who know how to cuss, spit, drink and SURF. Jake uses great editing and different angles to keep the film moving. My favorite no surfing part is "Fuckin Cheach and Chong bro" which let's you know that beach bums exist in Alberta. Ben Murphy's surfing is top notch! Jake gives all his mates some camera time and gives us a feel for the stoke going on that day.
From the view of the dust being spun up as the car races down a mountain road to the beer being drank on the river wave this little film is to me the "Picture" of river surfing in North America. Thanks Jake!

This was a hard choice and I know just about everyone from all the scenes, so nobody take it like your film wasn't INSANE also. I had to pick one.


Negs is dedicated to connecting river surfers and making the sport better and easier around the world. He is a founding member of ARSA & the Murder, he explores rivers in western Canada, he heads the Alberta Pipeline wave project and is a key creator & the funder of RiverSurfing.ca.


Stoke & Flow,

Jacob Quinlan is a passionate communications strategist, river surfer and community builder from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He is a founding member of the Murder and a key creator of RiverSurfing.ca.


When Negs and I first started talking about developing the film festival for riversurfing.ca the idea was to identify the river surfing films that had the best stoke, story, emotion. We wanted river surfers around the world to be united by their shared passions. Eli Mack's 10 Years of River Surfing does this to it's full extent. This excellent film combines story with images in a powerful way. This river surfer's story about stoke and drive captures the essence of what it is to be an exploring river surfer with the whole world out there waiting to be surfed. Mack leads by example, early on when he said there are river waves everywhere people maybe did not believe him but then he went out and surfed them all just to show us that river surfing can happen everywhere. Now, his legacy has inspired many to get out there and find their perfect wave.

My favourite part of the film is how Eli explains his method of traveling and documenting every wave he surfs. My favourite line, "I wonder what the ratio of miles to surf time is". Mack's commitment and drive has truly shown us the possibilities of river surfing and has made this passion much more accessible for some many young river surfers just getting into the sport. Ten Years Of River Surfing Around The World With Elijah Mack has my vote for 2010's Riversurfing Film Festival.

Jean-Louis St-arneault a cutting edge surf explorer and film maker from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He is a founding member of the Goon Posse, a prolific film maker under the name MTLsurfer and a world travelling river surfer.


Home ....... by Dubs Brothers ... because it is the best film for me.... good quality and the stoke is coming out of the screen .... plus i love fernie ... but never got the chance to surf there

Love from France,

have you ever tried to explain river surfing to someone?

... we know exactly how you feel.

the world needs more river surfing stories told by river surfers and to that end we present the First Annual River Surfing Film Festival.

There are three categories:

River Surfers Select goes to the film with the most Thumbs Up on RiverSurfing.ca. Prize is an Xcel Wetsuit.

Best River Surfing Film is selected by a panel of 4 river surfing judges. The films are judged based on stoke, story, emotion, cohesion, polish and over-all film quality.

Happy Surfing

2009 Announcement

you don't have to be a professional film maker or even own a camera just talk to friends, drag them out and get some of your best rides on a digicam... whatever it takes to tell the world what you go through to feel water tickle your toes below you.

Films will be submitted on RiverSurfing.ca where viewers can give it a thumbs up if they like it. The films with the most thumbs up will be selected to be in the first annual river surfing film festival in Calgary, Canada, spring 2010. From there the top films will be selected and awarded by a panel of judges. Prizes vary from a RAT surfboard, a HD Waterproof camera and some RiverSurfing swag.

Films will be awarded based on stoke and story! You do not need the most professional looking films or the best riders, just tell us a good river surfing story!

Happy Surfing

SURFER'S SELECT (Click the tabs for more categories)

CONGRATULATIONS FUS! With 332 Thumbs Up you have been chosen as the SURFER'S SELECT!
It was a heated competition between many a great film. The early days of the festival were dominated by ELK LOVE but out of Deutstchland came a rising swell of FUS fans. FUS & ELK LOVE were neck and neck for weeks, even on the last day ELK LOVE had the lead. At the final hour @ 16:49 Mountain Standard Time, ELK LOVE had 303 Thumbs Up and FUS has 332.

Of course, being the mysterious multi-surfer FUS, who over there gets the Xcel Wetsuit? Anyone have a suggestion?
Many thanks to all the river surfers around the world who shared their choice.

You should also check out the BEST RIVER SURFING FILM of 2010 chosen by our panel of judges!

Surfer's Select Prize: Xcel Wetsuit.

TOP 12 FILMS CHOSEN BY RIVER SURFERS AS OF JUNE 9, 2010 16:49 MST - Click to view

Below is a screen shot of the final rankings when we checked the site on June 9, 2010.