Wyoming’s Snake River, 1978

Mike “Fitz” FitzPatrick, Steve Hahn, and Steve Osman were the first who surfed the Lunch Counter wave on the Snake River in 1978. They were considered the founders of North American river surfing. The three men knew how to surf the Snake River’s numerous holes and waves because of their common experiences as whitewater river guides and kayakers. They were able to predict the Lunch Counter’s board-surfing capabilities thanks to different degrees of ocean expertise.

Utah’s Jordan River, 1983

On June 14, 1983, the Jordan River in Utah hosted the very first official North American river surfing tournament. Kayakers arranged the Jordan River Hole Riding Contest, which included a surfboard category. A giveaway held in conjunction with the event generated $275.00 for the America Rivers Conservation Council, which was a substantial figure at the time.

Wyoming’s Snake River, 1983 and 1984

Pro surfer Steve Machin paid a visit to a boyhood buddy in Jackson Hole in 1983 and 1984 for a white-water kayaking and paddling experience on the Snake River. Steve, like FitzPatrick, Hahn, and Osman saw the Lunch Counter’s possibilities for board-surfing. Steve’s friend was from Hawaii and possessed surfboards, so he asked to borrow one day.

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