Common River Surfing Risks

1. Entanglement
When anything that can’t travel downstream binds around your body, it’s called entanglement. Ankle leashes hooked on rocks or ropes are examples.
2. Pinning
When you’re caught between anything upstream and a static object downstream, it’s called pinning. Your board anchoring you to a rock or bridge piling upstream is an example.
Entrapment of the Leg and Foot
Entrapment occurs when a body component becomes entangled in the river’s rocks or other debris.
3. Strainers
Everything in the river that permits water to pass across but not you is a …

River Surfing Has Some Risks That You Should Be Aware Of

We believe it is our responsibility to convey knowledge about river surfing dangers and security as the sport grows popular. To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the most important things you should know.
Keeping Your Surfboard from Trapping You
Whenever you fall off your surfboard and are unable to get back on it for any circumstance, always swim behind your surfboard. Swimming in front of your surfboard increases your chances of becoming caught between your surfboard and a river boulder.
1. Dealing with Dangerous Things in the River
The most prevalent natural objects encountered by …

What you Need to Know about Surf Apnea

When dragged under by a whirlpool, a large wave, or a strong current, any river surfer knows that your body will crave air. This could feel like you’re in the underwear for 2 minutes even though you’re just there for 10 seconds.
Whenever a wave grabs you, your instinct is to emerge and breathe as quickly as possible. Surf Apnea, on the other hand, understands that your body can handle it.
It recognizes that your body is normally capable of handling the impulse to breathe. As long as you know how to overcome it, you won’t have any problems.
Timo Niessner, a freediving specialist and trainer, shares a …